The Book of Vast Ideas

“Richard Nygaard’s album ‘The Book of Vast Ideas’ is at the outer limits of pop music.”

Through a series of recording sessions with established jazz- and folk-musicians at Digitopia Studio (Parashute Studio) in the Spring of 2003, the songs on Richard Nygaard’s ‘The Book of Vast Ideas’ comply an exploration of the outer limits of pop music. The album’s identity emerges through the crafty Rhodes piano improvisations of Danish jazz legend Kim Kristensen hovering above Chris Hole’s dark bass lines – and also: the innovative tablas percussion work of Andreas Bratlie, Kristian Sjøberg’s drums, Carl Gjerdrum‘s double bass and the characteristic guitar work of Eiriks Askerøi and Svein-Erik Martinsen, among others. This unique collaboration gives nerve to the music and lyrics of Richard Nygaard.

Below is the original artwork from the album.